Gainer Muscle and Mass 3kg



BRAWN SUPPLEMENTS Gainer Muscle and Mass High Protein |40 Serving, 59g Protein, 205g Carb, 3g Creatine | High Protein & High Calorie | Gain Weight (Chocolate flavour)


  • HIGH-CALORIE FORMULA:- BRAWN SUPPLEMENTS Gainer is exquisitely crafted for elite fitness enthusiasts who strive to gain muscle mass & a sturdy physique with a high-calorie formula that helps you meet your increased calorie requirements.
  • CLEAN & HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN: BRAWN SUPPLEMENTS Mass Gainer offers you 59 grams of protein derived from quality sources per 300 grams of serving when consumed with milk. It contains a blend of fast and slow-acting protein sources that help in faster muscle recovery and increases the availability of amino acids for a longer duration.
  • ENERGY ABUNDANCE: The calories are derived from quality simple and complex carbs that work jointly to optimize the glycogen levels and provide energy for the workout. Receive a robust and sustained release of calories to fuel your muscles for long hours offering 748 kcal per serving.
  • CLEAN PROTEIN: All-Natural Whey and Milk Protein provides your body with healthy Amino Acids to keep protein synthesis up throughout the day.
  • IDEAL USAGE: Real Mass Gainer is recommended to be used Between Meals, Post Workout and Before Bed.
  • PROTEIN SHAKES AND RECIPES: Delicious Chocolate muscle mass gainer is versatile in making protein shakes, smoothies and recipes. Boost calories and nutrition by adding real mass gainer with protein bars, cook mueslis and other recipes. Instantized to mix up quickly, fully and easily.

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Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 29 cm


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